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Our Story


We are Dorota & Ursula, sisters from Vancouver BC and, just like you, we are passionate about Eco Fashion! We believe in theĀ growing trend of sustainability and we care about theĀ human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

Together we decided to build Green Bug, the ultimate shopping search engine for ethical and sustainable clothing!

Many “green” and eco brands are available today but it is still difficult to discover them using existing clothing e-commerce search engines such as Polyvore, Shopstyle or even Google. Our aim is to build the biggest easily searchable shop of ethical, sustainable and fair trade brands.

With time, we will also be adding cutting-edge social media shopping features such as popularity scores for clothing items in an attempt to facilitate business-to-consumer sales.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us! If there’s any brands you know of that we should add to our search engine, please let us know!

Together, let’s change the world with eco fashion.